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resources3The ONE brochure includes the difference between programs and the intentional mentoring that takes place in a ONE relationship. Ideas and suggestions for one-on-one mentoring are given and testimonies from people who are in a mentoring relationship are shared in the brochure. To order brochures, contact CE National at or call 574.267.6622.

Discipleship is multiplying my life in the life of another through equipping that person to:

  • Know basic truths
  • Be a person of godly character
  • Do ministries to others All for the glory of God!

Here are some practical helps in finding and discipling ONE.

  1. Think of ONE believer you might be able to help. It should be a person of the same gender.
  2. Talk to that friend. You may not be close friends. It may even be someone younger than you. Ask to talk to the person to see if he/she would like you to be a prayer partner to help him/her grow spiritually. (This person would need to agree to lean about God from you.) If the person agrees, set up a time to meet. It could be over a Coke or whatever. Plan to give about an hour for the meeting time.
  3. What to do when you meet? It depends. It usually is TLC – Time, Love and Content. Pray and talk about what God is teaching you both since the last time you talked. Get the person an OnTrack Devotional book or another Bible study, or even use the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Set up another time to meet. Each time you get together talk about what you are learning from spending time in reading and applying the Bible. Memorize a verse of Scripture, laugh and be friends. Share positive ways God is helping your life and have regular evaluation times when you meet by using accountability questions such as those in the OnTrack Devotional book. Do outreach and ministry together on occasion. It can really help others.
  4. Become a strong prayer partner for this ONE person.

OnTrack Devotions: Daily Bible readings with commentary and questions. Published by Pilgrimage Ministries.

On Track Devotions contain a daily Bible reading, a short commentary and application to the passage read, and a few short-answer questions to help the reader think through the passage for the day and make application to his/her personal life. This is an excellent tool to use in mentoring because both people can be studying the same passage, then talking about that passage during their times together.

Knute Larson’s Discipleship for Men: (PDF)

Accountability question suggestions from John Wesley: (PDF)

The Five W’s for time with your ONE.

  1. Welcome
  2. Witness
  3. Word
  4. Worship
  5. Walk

Personal questions (PDFs)

How You Manage Yourself
Leadership Characteristics
Your Working Characteristics
Your Attitude
Your Natural Characteristics

Ways to transition a conversation (PDF) into a spiritual topic.

Questions to use (PDF) during evangelis.

Prayer Partner Hints (PDF)

40 Days Journals: Personal growth journals that give practical Bible truths on self growth that help you read, observe, apply, respond, reflect, and pray. Published by CE National.

Do you think you’re too busy to fit being ON MISSION  into your schedule? Watch this 2-minute video from Paul Tripp for the answer.


Christy and Maribel, Ed, and Omar from Urban Hope talk about their ONE.

Strangers from Worship House Media.

We are not worshiping the God of the Bible. – David Platt

Religion or Devotion – David Platt talks about disciple making.

Disciple-Making – Alan Hirsch

Mentoring – Brad Gromis and Dave Kennedy